The first International Academic Network (IAN) Steering Committee Meeting

It is my pleasure to inform the ISRRT members that the ISRRT has established a new membership category title “IAN: International Academic Network to address the relationship between the ISRRT and academic institutions around the world.

Objectives of the IAN were to address education and research activities including:

  • To facilitate the ISRRT’s international research and publication of results.
  • To facilitate the ISRRT’s surveys related to radiation safety, patient safety, radiation protection, and professional practice.
  • To contribute to the development of educational materials that promote patient-centered care, patient safety, and radiation protection.
  • To support the next generation of imaging and therapy professionals.
  • To provide a communication platform for students in radiography/therapy and educators to mentor, network, and develop scientific publications and projects.
  • To facilitate the development of continuing professional development for ISRRT to help elevate health care globally in particular low- and middle-income countries.


All IAN steering committee were recruited around the world and the first IAN meeting was held on Sunday July 3rd , 2022. The structure of the IAN committee members resulting from the first meeting is presented as followings:



  • Prof. Safora Johansen


  • Prof. Robert Walker

Committee members:

  • Prof. Emeritus Peter Hogg
  • Prof. Marcus Oliveira
  • Prof. Hussein ALMasri
  • Prof. Samar El-Farra
  • Prof. Friedrich-Nel Hesta
  • Prof. Naoki Kodama
  • Prof. Jenny Sim
  • Mr. MAHESH.P.S
  • Prof. Mark Okeji